Put the WoW!® factor into your business

Ways of Working to make people’s work easier,
faster and more valuable

The WoW!® Approach

Ways of Working – WoW!® is a business improvement method that forms a fundamental piece in the jigsaw of your business operations. If highly successful businesses such as Nestlé, Toyota, Pfizer and Barclays can achieve great benefits from this approach, why can’t your business? And best of all your employees can be trained and coached in the WoW!® approach so that your business has the internal competencies to sustain performance and make further improvements without external support.

Improve efficiency, reduce cost & waste

Make your customers & employees happier!

User friendly standard operating procedures

Control risks and demonstrate compliance

Define future state operational processes, roles & responsibilities

Build internal process improvement capabilities

What is the WoW!® approach?

  • A simple yet powerful method for developing, sharing and improving standard Ways of Working.
  • A fast and efficient way for people to connect to business knowledge to help do their jobs.
  • Encourages process thinking and ownership throughout the business.
  • Aligns perfectly with existing Lean and Six Sigma initiatives.
  • Able to satisfy compliance requirements in regulated industries.

How it Works

At the centre of the approach is a lifecycle which we call the “WoW of the WoW.” It defines the sequence of steps, roles and responsibilities that will transform an underperforming process into a “lean” process.


Who is it for?

The WoW!® approach can be used to support a business transformation programme, or tactically to standardise and improve a single process. Discovery workshops can be greatly accelerated using this approach to quickly and efficiently get agreement on process flows, roles & responsibilities plus requirements for implementation. The approach works equally well in Life Sciences, Financial Services, FMCG / CPG and Manufacturing businesses

Capture, Communicate, Continuously Improve

WoWs are viewed and updated through a collaboration platform – a “one stop shop” for the knowledge that employees need to do their job.

Powerful building blocks

The WoW!® approach uses a simple yet extremely powerful visualisation method to show the flow of work – we call them WoWs – including people and IT systems. With the help of subject experts a WoW can be visualised to show relationships between functions and to expose waste and inefficiency.

Our approach makes it very simple to visualise and share the way people work. When it comes to process improvement, simplicity = power. The 4 W’s approach is used successfully in some of the world’s largest companies. For each step in a business process there are 4 key things to know:

  • What activity is being done?
  • When does the activity start?
  • Why is the activity required? (what value does it produce?)
  • Who is responsible?

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