Watch Out for the CIA Spy in Your Business!

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Amazing news, CIA spies have infiltrated many companies throughout the world and are actively seeking to disrupt business operations! 


Hard to believe? Well, a scandalous CIA document has been disclosed entitled: Simple Sabotage Field Manual. It instructs spies on how to motivate ordinary workers to severely disrupt efficiency in factories and offices. My colleagues and I have witnessed first-hand some of the outcomes of this terrible sabotage; surely the evidence that spies are rife throughout the business world is irrefutable?


So I guess the real question is, how do you know if there are spies in your company? Well the CIA document describes several methods for general interference with organisations and production. Do you recognise any of these?


  • When training new workers, give incomplete or misleading instructions
  • Multiply the procedures and clearance involved in issuing instructions, pay checks and so on
  • Workers – work slowly, think of ways to increase the number of movements/steps to do your job
  • Pretend that instructions are hard to understand
  • Make mistakes or omit requested information in forms
  • See that procedures are as inconvenient as possible for the management involving large numbers of employees and multiple meetings
  • When possible, refer all matters to committees…hold conferences when there is critical work to be done
  • Delay delivery of orders – even though some parts may be ready, wait until it is completely ready before delivering
  • Wait until stocks are almost exhausted before reordering, so any slight delay will cause a shutdown
  • Make mistakes in routing so that parts and materials are sent to the wrong place
  • And lastly, cry and sob hysterically at every occasion


…well perhaps this one is more of an outcome of all of the above!


Ok, I have to come clean. Yes, this is a genuine CIA manual, however it was actually written in 1944 to help with the war effort. But the resemblance of these deliberate acts of sabotage Vs what we see in reality today is startling!

At Calvaria we see these issues all the time. Our process excellence approach helps to solve these problems AND ensures our customers are equipped with skilled employees who can continue improving the way they work without external support.


Do the issues described seem familiar to you? If there really are CIA spies in your midst then sorry but we cannot help! However, if your company experiences these issues then come and talk to me, I would love to exchange ideas.


Please feel free to message me directly or email me at

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