Training & Capability Building

Give your people the power to improve the way they work


Our training & capability building service is aimed at empowering your teams to drive process improvement in the organisation. We provide fast knowledge transfer, coaching and a comprehensive library of learning materials. This will provide the internal competencies for your workforce to sustain and improve the way they work by themselves without external support.

Employee journey to Process Excellence


Clearly defined standards are set in place to ensure high quality process flows, consistency and alignment


Skill and knowledge gaps in employees’ knowledge are identified

Training & Coaching

Instructor led training, coaching and mentoring is delivered to grow the competency.


Achievements of employees are recognized

Process Excellence

Empowered employees are able to sustain and improve Ways of Working across the business

Trainings can be tailored according to the needs of the organisation and include the following:

Process Excellence Foundation

  • Awareness and benefits of a process approach to business improvement
  • Learn the typical improvement lifecycle of a process flow, from startup to deployment and continuous improvement

Business Process Graduate:

  • Capture and validate simple process flows
  • Apply quality standards to ensure flows are user friendly and consistent
  • Know how to obtain electronic approval, release a process flow and share with others

Business Process Practitioner

  • Facilitate LIVE process mapping workshops
  • Advanced process mapping and communication
  • Measure, control and continuously improve process flows

Process Flow Owner

  • Improve Ways of Working
  • Decide on what to improve
  • Identify improvement opportunities
  • Monitor process performance

Centre of Excellence

  • Learn to project manage a Process Excellence initiative
  • Know the essential management requirements for the process collaboration platform to ensure accurate and trustworthy process flows that can be easily found by users

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