Support for your Process Excellence or Process Discovery Initiative

Achieve outstanding results by using the right  methods and tools

If you are starting out on a process excellence journey and need expert help and guidance to ensure success, we can help.

Or if you just need specific training, workshop support or to help optimise
your collaboration platform, we can help there too!

Methods & Project Management

We can help start your process excellence initiative by tailoring to your needs our methods and governance processes, process mapping standards and setting up a process collaboration platform. We can project manage specific process improvement initiatives.

Training, Coaching, Certification

We can provide your employees with the essential skills to capture, communicate and continuously improve their ways of working without the need for external support.

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Process Discovery

For IT system implementations, we can help give you a common understanding of the exact scope, processes and IT system requirements before starting the implementation. We can also quickly get agreement of as-is or to-be ways of working by running live mapping workshops.

Centre of Excellence

We can help setup and run a Centre of Excellence which can support multiple process improvement initiatives across your business and ensure the process collaboration platform is accurate and trustworthy so that process flows are easily found by users.

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