Ways of Working in Manufacturing

Giving people the power to easily connect to manufacturing knowledge and deliver quality outputs in a safe and efficient way


In the consumer centric world, fast time to market is crucial to manufacturers. But with changing technologies and turnover of employees, access to knowledge is a key issue and can impact asset intensity, quality and cause great frustration for employees. Without a solid knowledge-base, competencies are gradually reduced over time. Businesses also need to bridge the skills gap between the retiring baby-boomer generation and new operators and undertake timely preventive maintenance to prevent lost time.

Our Solution

Our solution provides a “one stop shop” for manufacturing knowledge and tools. It is an intuitive collaboration platform that enables right first time manufacturing excellence for all new processes and continual improvement of existing processes. Quick access to knowledge helps to train new operators and for experienced personnel to quickly locate the information and tools they need to do their job.

The Benefits

Increased asset intensity

Total Preventive Maintenance (TPM) delivered in a more effective way

Saves time and makes life easier for operators

Helps to ensure correct standards are known, followed and challenged

Modern way of learning which appeals to operators both young and old

Helps develop the TPM competencies to the required level and at the right time

Example “one-stop shop”for standards, supporting documents and IT systems

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