Solutions for the FMCG industry

Challenges facing the FMCG Industry

Where to start? Shrinking profit margins, cost pressures in the supply chain, adapting to rapidly changing business environments, fast innovation and launch of new products, talent retention and development … there is a lot going on in FMCG / CPG. At the heart of these challenges are the way people work together with process and technologies. These must work in harmony to meet and overcome the industry challenges.

Our Solution

Our Ways of Working – WoW!™ method ensures that people, process and technologies are working in line with business strategy. The approach is proven in companies such as Nestlé and Pfizer where it has been used to establish standard Ways of Working, ensure they are shared, trained and continuously improved.

The Benefits

Compliance and quality built into lean and continuously improving processes

Consistent Ways of Working across all business units

Efficient Governance and Change Management

Improved cross-functional engagement

Practical metrics and reporting risks and controls

Internal competence built on best practices for Process Excellence and Lean

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