Financial services

Identify, assess and mitigate business risks

Challenges for Financial Services Industry

Over the years the regulations facing the financial services industry have become increasingly complex and onerous on the business. This, combined with the rapidly changing technologies and volatile geopolitics has led businesses to spend fortunes making sure their financials are correct and their processes are documented correctly. Simply remaining compliant is not enough. A culture of compliance and risk awareness needs to be established throughout all organizational levels.

Our Solution

We understand the need for quickly adapting to changes in regulations. We advise clients on the best ways to identify, mitigate and prevent risks. Using our proven Ways of Working – WoW!™ and Operational Risk and Compliance methods, Calvaria helps drive the adoption of change through empowering employees with ownership of process performance. We use the power of collaboration and our industry expertise to propel operational efficiency, cost reduction and increased profitability.

The Benefits

Compliance and quality built into lean and continuously improving processes

Consistent Ways of Working across all business units

Efficient Governance and Change Management

Improved cross-functional engagement

Practical metrics and reporting risks and controls

Internal competence built on best practices for Process Excellence and Lean

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